Guided and Transfer Tours

For many, the Dominican Republic is the symbol of exotic vacation dreams: sun, beach, sea and Caribbean joie de vivre. Christopher Columbus came across some of the most beautiful stretches of land in the world here in December 1492, which almost looked like the land of Castile, only even more beautiful. For this reason he named the island "La Hispañola", while its native inhabitants honored it with the name "Quisqueya", fertile mother earth. However, many vacationers do not know that the Dominican Republic offers more than just sun and beautiful beaches. With its mountains over 10,000 feet high, canyons, caves, steppe areas, lagoons, islands and its fascinating history, the island offers a unique variety of things to do - be it culture, nightlife, hiking, biking, canyoning, river rafting or a swim under a tropical waterfall. With our private drivers and guides you can discover the Dominican Republic intensively and supervised. Sit back during the rides and enjoy the unique views. With the help of our certified and professional guides you will learn a lot about the country, its culture, history, flora and fauna. Our private transfer tours are ideal if you don't want to spend your entire vacation in the same hotel. Our private transfers will take you to the most beautiful areas and unique accommodations of the Dominican Republic, according to your wishes and with a lot of comfort.

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