Off the Beaten Track in the Dominican Republic

A rental car road trip "off the beaten track" is the perfect way to explore the Dominican Republic independently and flexibly. You'll discover secluded, mostly unknown hidden gems that remain hidden from most tourists. The Dominican Republic boasts a well-developed road network, and with Google Maps, you can navigate the entire island with ease.

All customers booking a rental car road trip with DOMINICAN EXPERT receive useful information upon arrival about the history, culture, geography, customs, and rules of the Dominican Republic. Also included is a local SIM card with unlimited calls, a road map, and a Welcome Bag filled with local handmade products and helpful amenities for the journey. Additionally, customers receive a personalized travel guide as a WhatsApp message for their onward journey, complete with many Google Locations and personal recommendations for places of interest, hidden gems, restaurants, etc.

Take advantage of our 24/7 concierge service because we are always available and responsive to you via WhatsApp in English.

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Beautiful nature surrounding Villa Pajon, Cordillera Central
River Rafting in the Dominican Republic
The coastline of the Samaná peninsula
Iguana in the Dominican Republic

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Exploring beyond the usual highways in the Dominican Republic is worthwhile as it allows travelers to discover hidden treasures often untouched by tourist crowds. By venturing to remote places and less-known routes, travelers can gather authentic cultural experiences and peacefully enjoy the country's natural beauty. As Dominican Expert, we offer the most beautiful routes and off-the-beaten-track tours, allowing our customers to experience the Dominican Republic from a new perspective.


The 5 Key Questions about "Off the Beaten Track" in the Dominican Republic


Why is it worth traveling off the usual tourist routes?

Traveling off the beaten path allows travelers to discover authentic and unspoiled places, far from crowded tourist attractions.


What are the benefits of exploring remote places in the Dominican Republic?

Exploring remote places allows travelers to develop a deeper understanding of the culture, history, and natural landscapes of the Dominican Republic while collecting unique and unforgettable experiences.


How can I travel off the usual highways?

By booking tailored tours with experienced travel experts like DOMINICAN EXPERT, travelers can journey off the usual highways and discover the hidden treasures of the Dominican Republic.


What kinds of experiences can I have off the main roads in the Dominican Republic?

Off the main roads, travelers can experience unique activities such as hikes to remote waterfalls, boat trips to untouched islands, visits to traditional villages, and much more.


Why is it important to practice sustainable and responsible tourism when exploring remote places?

By practicing sustainable and responsible tourism, travelers contribute to protecting the environment and the local community while enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of remote places.