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Our Executive Chef Joel Carlos Dos Santos Marques

Our Executive Chef Joel Marques is a gifted artist in the kitchen, an innovator and perfectionist. His driving motivation is to offer his European and international expertise to our clients in the Dominican Republic. He is eminently qualified to create new and exotic dishes with ingredients that are characteristic of the Caribbean.

His background:

  • Executive Chef, PF CHANGS (Santo Domingo, DR)
  • Executive Chef, HOTEL RADISSON (Santo Domingo, DR)
  • Executive Chef, RIBERA COUNTRY CLUB (Jarabacoa, DR)
  • Executive Chef, BOCA MARINA (Boca Chica, DR)
  • Executive Chef, NEPTUNO’S (Boca Chica, DR)
  • Executive Chef, SERAFINA (Santo Domingo, DR)
  • Executive Chef, PERLA DEL CARIBE (Santiago, DR)
  • Chef at different restaurants in Rotterdam, NL (for five years)
  • Chef at different restaurants in Cabo Verde, Australia, Italy and Brazil
  • Chef at different restaurants in Portugal (for three years)
  • Vocational education in Portugal

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