Flamingos, Crocodiles, and Giant Iguanas in the Dominican Republic

The southwest of the Dominican Republic, also called "Sur Occidental", is one of the "Top Secrets" of this island, because this region is still almost completely undiscovered by tourism. The southwest of the Dominican Republic with its seven national parks combines snow-white and untouched beaches with barren mountain landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and lagoons wehre you can observe iguanas, flamingos and countless other bird species.

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A Ciguitade, a popular bird in and around Constanza (Dominican Republic)
Iguana in the Dominican Republic
Bahía de las Águilas in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic

The wild side of the DR

In the Dominican Republic, there are fascinating opportunities to visit and observe flamingos and giant iguanas. The Montecristi salt flats in the northwest and the Oviedo lagoon in the southwest of the country are popular habitats for flamingos, while the Bani dunes, the Oviedo lagoon, and Lake Enriquillo are known areas where giant iguanas can be found. In Lake Enriquillo, you can even encounter crocodiles.

As Dominican Experts, we offer tailored tours that allow travelers to experience these unique animals in their natural habitats. We know the best places to find flamingos and giant iguanas, providing our customers with unforgettable encounters with these fascinating creatures.


What else does the wild southwest of the DR offer?


Unique wildlife

The southwest of the Dominican Republic is home to a fascinating variety of animal species, including crocodiles and iguanas in Lake Enriquillo, and flamingos in the Oviedo lagoon. These natural treasures offer unique encounters and photo opportunities for wildlife and nature lovers.


Untouched nature

The untouched landscapes of the southwest invite exploration off the beaten path. From vast national parks to remote beaches, there is plenty of space here to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace.


Authentic cultural heritage

The region is rich in traditional fishing villages, historic towns, and indigenous communities that offer insights into local lifestyles and culture. Tourists have the opportunity to experience authentic Dominican life and interact with locals.


Diverse leisure activities

The southwest offers a variety of activities for adventure seekers and nature lovers, including boat trips through mangrove forests, hikes to waterfalls and canyons, birdwatching tours, and more. There is something to discover and experience for every taste and age.


Sustainable ecotourism

The region is increasingly committed to sustainable tourism and the protection of its natural resources. By supporting local communities and environmental conservation projects, tourists contribute to preserving and conserving the unique environment of the southwest.