Private transfer trips in the Dominican Republic

Our private transfer tours are ideal if you don’t want to spend your entire vacation in the same hotel. Our private transfers will take you to the most beautiful areas and unique accommodations of the Dominican Republic, according to your wishes and with a lot of comfort.

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A Ciguitade, a popular bird in and around Constanza (Dominican Republic)
Iguana in the Dominican Republic

Relax and Travel from One Highlight to Another

Round trips with private transfers from Dominican Expert offer a unique blend of relaxation and exploration. With the flexible design of the journey and the opportunity to make stops at picturesque locations such as waterfalls or cocoa and coffee plantations, travelers can discover the beauty of the Dominican Republic at their own pace.


The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Round Trips with Private Transfers


What are the advantages of private transfers during a round trip in the Dominican Republic?

Private transfers provide comfort, safety, and flexibility for travelers, as they can be customized and no time is wasted waiting for other passengers. Additionally, private transfer trips are often more cost-effective than car rental round trips.


Which attractions can be visited during a private transfer?

During transfers, travelers have the opportunity to visit various attractions such as waterfalls, plantations, or historical sites, depending on their interests and preferences.


How are the private transfers organized?

The private transfers are organized by Dominican Expert and can be planned in advance according to the travel preferences of the customers.