Beach Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Having a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic is the ultimate choice, whether it's at an all-inclusive resort, a luxurious villa, or a charming boutique hotel right on a pristine white-sand beach. With our wedding planners at Dominican Expert, all of these options are possible, and we can turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Our team provides all the services you need to have your perfect beach wedding. We are the ONLY company in the Dominican Republic that offers reliable, luxury wedding planning with the international standards and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Dream Wedding in the Caribbean


Experience the unique beauty of a wedding on one of the many paradisiacal beaches of the Dominican Republic. There is nothing more beautiful than saying "I do" amidst this tropical backdrop. At Dominican Expert, we take care of every wish and detail of your dream wedding, allowing you to focus entirely on the moment. From planning to execution, we are by your side, ensuring that your Caribbean wedding is an unforgettable experience. And the best part? We can also organize the accommodation of all wedding guests in the hotels, relieving the bridal couple of any work and stress.


The 5 most important questions and answers for couples planning to marry in the Dominican Republic


What legal steps do we need to take to get married legally in the Dominican Republic?

To get married in the Dominican Republic, you need certain documents, including a valid passport, a birth certificate, a certificate of eligibility for marriage, or a divorce certificate.


What wedding packages and services do hotels in the Dominican Republic offer?

Many hotels in the Dominican Republic offer a variety of wedding packages and services, including personalized beach ceremonies, elegant banquets in exquisite restaurants, professional wedding planners, photographers, and florists, as well as honeymoon suites and arrangements. For smaller accommodations or weddings outside the hotel, we at Dominican Expert offer our own wedding packages and/or can tailor your wedding 100% to your wishes. Let us advise you.


When is the best time for a wedding in the Dominican Republic?

The best time for a wedding in the Dominican Republic is from November to April when the weather is pleasant, and the risk of rain is low. The months of May to October are slightly hotter and more humid but still popular for weddings.


Are there any special cultural customs or traditions we should consider for our wedding?

Generally, no, only the local rules and laws should be respected.


How can we ensure the entertainment of our wedding guests?

At Dominican Expert, we offer a variety of activities and entertainment options for wedding guests, including water sports, golf, spa treatments, sightseeing tours, and entertainment programs. Guests can also enjoy the local culture and cuisine. For larger wedding groups, we can also provide customized private tours and activities.