Big wedding trends for 2024

Big wedding trends for 2024

The weddings industry is always changing. The year 2023 is almost over and we already have incredible trends for 2024. We can clearly see how the experts in this world reveal such aspects as styles, colors and shapes that will be the Boom! for 2024.

At DOMINICAN EXPERT we are always up to date to offer our customers the latest styles in the wedding world. If you have planned a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, you cannot stop reading this blog, where we explain some of the future trends that will have the spotlight next year.

The Dominican Republic is becoming the perfect country for your dream wedding, since you can have a luxurious wedding with the tropical climate, the kindness and charisma that Dominicans have and each day they´re learning more and more about the wedding world.

Wedding dresses “Office Style”

Although classic and romantic wedding dresses will never lose their audience, they´re now competing with vanguard designs which have different silhouettes and cuts. Therefore, wedding dresses will include jackets, blazers and a similar style that is used in an office.
On the other hand, in the classic and romantic style the long tails will take the protagonist role again leaving all the guests shocked with their designs, a touch of sensuality in the neckline or shoulders and the amazing feeling that they have a Queen passing by.

Bride´s makeup look trends

Weddings in the Dominican Republic, since it is in the Caribbean are always transmitting freshness and simplicity, in order to be in harmony with your dress, theme, venue, etc.; the makeup must reflect fresh, juicy and radiant looking skin. The trend of a more natural and less makeup will be more durable and your best friend.

Reinvented rings

The diamond is always the protagonist and the most special stone to symbolize this moment, since it transmits eternity and beauty. Every year, classic designs are transformed creating finer designs that emit elegance. The shapes that will be seen most in 2024 will be oval or pear shaped. This trend is here to stay!

The groom

The grooms each year are even more involved in the planning of their wedding and that is why suits are also changing, with transgressive proposals that include romanticism and groom´s styling. This is how we will see designs with prints, in classic colors like black and white but with some elements that attracts more attention.

Eco-friendly Wedding trends

Today we are all looking to be a little more consent about the preservation of our environment. And this is the reason why couples are looking for different options to reduce the impact on the ecosystem for their big day. This theme will be a trend from now on and we believe it will remain for a long time.

Neo-mint color

Even though Pantone hasn´t launched the color of next year 2024, we will leave the living coral color behind and welcome a tone that you will surely want to have if you want to get married in the Dominican Republic, because it makes the perfect match with the eco-friendly theme and the tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic. This color will steal the spotlight in 2024 for being an oxygenating color and in tune with nature.

Decoration trends

Lights, lights and more lights! This is the trend of the moment and will continue in the next year, weddings held in farms, gardens, beaches or anyway outdoor. Celebrations full of thousands of lights filling the space. Background looms to create a very romantic atmosphere for those special moments during the reception.

The cake!

For the cake we have something unusual, as we know the cake has its own function in decoration and in the wedding itself because of it’s meaning throughout the years where the bride and the groom began the ceremony by cutting the cake together. This represents the first act together as spouses. The couple´s action to feed each other represents their desire to take care of each other.
The trend about bridal cakes and desserts would be suspended in a hoop, decorated with flowers and foliage that gives the impression that they are in the air. A phenomenal idea for couples who like it unconventional.

As you can see, next year will be full of trends for weddings that the only thing we can think of is “Wow!” At DOMINICAN EXPERT we have the philosophy that “Everything is possible” so it depends on the taste and preferences of you if you want to adapt any of these trends for your destination wedding in 2024.

You can contact us about how we could materialize your ideas and be able to make your wedding day a unique and unforgettable experience.


  1. Felix de Vega

    A very interesting article about wedding trends! thanks for the information

    • Larissa Liechti

      Dear Felix,
      I am very glad you enjoyed our article about the wedding trends and also thank you for visiting our blog.
      If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
      Sunny greetings,
      Larissa and the


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