Which bridal bouquet style will you carry down the aisle?
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Which bridal bouquet style will you carry down the aisle?

The bridal bouquet flowers are probably the most important flowers you will ever choose. Some might think they are simply all the same, an arrangement of flowers, tied together with a ribbon. But in fact not all bouquets are created equally. As your wedding flowers are such an important part of your big day, it’s key to choose the right bouquet. In addition, the type of bridal bouquet should complement your overall wedding look and theme. With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Below we outlined six of the most popular wedding bouquet styles for your perfect destination wedding in the Dominican Republic!


The style of a cascading bouquet is one of the most popular ones. It is very traditional, formal and stylish. It suits perfectly a fantastic high-end and elegant wedding in a beautiful luxury villa in Punta Cana. But it is as well suitable for an amazing garden or beach wedding. Moreover, the flowers are arranged to build a waterfall. Therefore, the bouquet is designed to gracefully flow over the brides hands and down towards her feet. It forms an upside-down teardrop shape. In other words, it is roundish at top and pointy at the bottom. A cascade bouquet sets a strong style statement and stands for elegance and sophistication. Almost any flower is perfect for this bouquet, for example garden roses, lilies and orchids combined with trailing greens such as ivy, fresh foliage, fern and eucalyptus.


The Biedermeier bouquet is round in shape and consists of tight circles (“rings”) of uniformly cut flowers. It is named after an European style of interior design. The bouquet is wrapped by a fabric or wire and the flowers are aligned in circles around each other. Usually it is composed of contrasting colored flowers to create a striped and dramatic effect. Further, each ring is made of one distinct flower, which creates a visual impact and attention. Some are made with different types of flowers as well, or only feature one type of flower in various colours. It is similar to a nosegay bouquet but only in structure. Perfectly fitting flowers are roses, orchids, dahlias, lilies, baby’s breath and tulips. This special bridal bouquet is a very nice option for a bride, who is looking for something unique. The Biedermeier bouquet suits perfectly a luxurious wedding in a beautiful garden villa.


A posy bouquet is a very classic and popular choice. Typically it is round in shape and tied with a decorative ribbon, matching with the main wedding color. The ribbon can be perfectly decorated with pearl pins and beading trims. The bouquet itself is rather small, so that it is easy to hold in one hand. Through its compact and small arrangement it is often chosen by the bride, but as well among bridesmaids and flower girls. Therefore, the posy bouquet style is suitable for almost any type of wedding. It can either be informally hand tied and a rather loose arrangement (perfect for vintage and beach weddings!) or more formally and tightly constructed for a modern or luxurious wedding. It is perfect for using a wide range of flower types and shapes that are rich in color, such as roses, peonies, ranunculus, tulips and gerbera and just little greenery.


Nosegay bridal bouquets have always been and continue to be a very popular choice among brides as well as bridesmaids. Although it might look similar to posy bouquets, it is smaller, more compact in size and puts more emphasis on greenery. The bouquet consists of a tightly packed group of flowers, cut to uniform in length and style. Typically it is wrapped by an accenting fabric wire, lace or ribbon. Usually one type of flower or color defines the bouquet, such as roses for example. Moreover, through its round shape, a nosegay bouquet is very practical to hold with a stiff backing. This provides shape to it and can consist of a small metal or glass cone shaped holder. It creates a very elegant and classic look, perfect for a chic villa or beach wedding.


If you are looking for a typical Dominican bridal bouquet, the tropical bouquet is definitely the one to choose. It consists of bright, boldly-coloured flowers and large deep greens. It creates a perfect tropical and Caribbean feel with locally grown flowers. Complement your colour selection with breathable attire and a tropical setting. Together with the tropical bouquet it will match perfectly your destination wedding here in the Dominican Republic. For instance at one of the pristine beaches at Punta Cana or Las Terrenas or a beautiful garden wedding with lots of greenery. This bridal bouquet is composed of large luscious blooms, such as birds of paradise, ginger and proteas in various colours, for instances orange, yellow and red. The flowers are combined with compatible jungle greens, such as Monstera, Palms and Leucadendrons. This creates a super tropical vibe! Set a highlight in your bridal bouquet with some mini pineapples!


The pomander bouquet is an unusual choice for a bridal bouquet, but is a fun and unique addition to your wedding. Perfectly round spheres of blooms shape this sweet bouquet. In additon, it includes a ribbon handle at the top, for carrying it around your wrist or displaying it (hooks along the aisle). It can be enhanced with colorful jewels or gems. Simply let your imagination play when choosing flower and color combinations! Although traditionally the pomander is used for flower girls and bridesmaids, it can look very romantic and youthful on a bride. Perfect flowers for pomander bouquets are sturdy flowers such as roses, carnations, sunflowers, dahlias and gerbera daisies. A pomander bouquet suits very well a garden style wedding with a soft and pretty theme.

Which bridal bouquet style do you like best? We hope that our little guide of different types of bridal bouquets was the perfect start for you to consider which style will be the best complement to your wedding dress and theme! Any kind of bridal bouquet you wish we can arrange here in the Dominican Republic. 

Contact us today to receive for an individual and cost-free quotation for your destination wedding!


  1. Felix de Vega

    All of them are lovely, but my favourite is the cascade bouquet! so beautiful!

    • Larissa Liechti

      Dear Felix,
      Wonderful, thats a great choice of yours 🙂 In which colour do you prefer it?

      Sunny greetings,
      Larissa and the


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