5 contemporary wedding themes for 2024 to inspire every bride
Contemporary wedding decoration 2019

Are you looking for some inspiration for your wedding and want to be up to date about the contemporary wedding themes in 2019? Read this article to obtain useful information for your own wedding day.

5 contemporary wedding themes for 2024 to inspire every bride

Are you looking for some inspiration for your wedding and want to be up to date about the contemporary wedding themes in 2019? Read this article to obtain useful information for your own wedding day.

Deciding on a wedding theme can be one of the most challenging parts of the planning that every couple is confronted with. Once you have picked the matching theme of your dreams, you set the character for your special day. This article will show you 5 contemporary wedding themes for 2024 to inspire every bride. Get inspired by beautiful table décor, floral design and much more for a fabulous destination wedding in the Dominican Republic!

RUSTIC – a rusty inspiration with vibrant colors

Rust is the trendy and most hip wedding color for 2024! This theme inspires simplicity and elegant causality, with references to the outdoors. It integrates wooden and rustic elements such as timber, natural bouquets, and flowers, perfectly fitting the colors burgundy, orange and lots of greens. Therefore, the ideal wedding venue is an outdoor location in a beautiful garden villa under palm trees in Punta Cana. Even better in a colonial-styled open-air patio in Santo Domingo to express the rustic character.

INSPIRED BY GREENERY – Bringing the outdoor area to the inside

Greenery continues to be trendy for weddings as it outlines a clear design that is easy to follow. This wedding décor is all about creating free-flowing organic style arrangements, such as overflowing greenery arches above venue entryways and hanging floral centerpieces. The use of trees and foliage throughout the floral design will appear natural, whimsical and romantic. It can be combined with white, golden and metallic elements to create perfect harmony. Venues such as an open-air patio, a spacious and elegant luxury villa with an ocean view or directly at a beach front would be the perfect fit. Combining natural elements with a touch of glam add style and elegance to perfect your destination wedding.

MODERN TIMES – A contemporary wedding theme with an industrial touch

For a contemporary wedding theme, clean lines, geometric shapes and a metallic design are part of the wedding decor. Geometrics in metallic shape and color, such as gold, silver, copper, rose gold, platinum or titanium create visual attention. No matter which metallic element you choose, just make sure that you stay consistent theme and color. The top metallic colors for 2024 are copper and bronze. Copper shine mediates coziness, while bronze adds a bit of medieval flair to the design. Adding fresh flowers or greenery to geometric vases or incorporating structural elements such as goldenrods create a chic look for your destination wedding either high-end or casual. The perfect wedding location in the Dominican Republic for a theme like that might be a beautiful garden villa in Punta Cana with a spacious terrace or beach access.

VINTAGE – Ageless yet still a contemporary wedding theme

A vintage theme styles your wedding in an atmosphere of a bygone area, such as the 20s or the 40s. Be sure, that a vintage wedding theme will be at the same time always a contemporary wedding theme. Garments, beauty look, venue styling, wedding outfit, flowers, and decoration express a vintage wedding theme. Cocktail parties were very trendy in the 20s. Maybe you should consider to live up a cocktail-style wedding from back then. A must-have decoration element for this theme is a photo booth as well as antique looking décor, for example, weathered doors or worn in wood seats. Popular colors for flower arrangements are pastel shades, crème, rose and light chartreuse. Drive to a beautiful villa or beach location in a classic getaway car to have the greatest attention!

ALL WHITE – perfectly beach fitting

All white is a wedding theme that is perfect for a beach-themed or luxurious villa wedding in Punta Cana. It encompasses an elegant and high-end atmosphere with a gorgeous ceremony on one of the pristine beaches in the Dominican Republic. Your guest will be welcomed either in a private villa or venue nearby. The decoration elements and flower arrangements are kept very elegant with clean lines and mostly in white colors. Hence, you are also free to set highlights with coralline components which are very trendy at the moment. This bright, joyful and pinky-looking orange tone suits very well a sunny summer wedding. It is a great addition to every theme, but especially for an all-white one.

We hope that our inspiration about the contemporary wedding themes inspired you. Moreover, we hope to have given you some charming input for your own great day. Did you find your favorite wedding theme for a magical Caribbean destination wedding? Have you ever considered to realize your own destination wedding in the Dominican Republic? We have a professional team of experienced wedding planners who would love to help you find that extra something for your memorable day.

Contact us today to receive for an individual and cost-free quotation for your own wedding!


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