In May, our american couple Jessica and Randall’s wonderful dream wedding took place in La Romana. For their big day, the two had rented an oceanfront villa in Casa de Campo, where 80 guests celebrated their special moment. A romantic wedding ceremony at sunset, followed by an elegant dinner and a boisterous celebration with a few special moments made this day an unforgettable memory.

Our couple’s big day took place in this unique beautiful villa right by the ocean.

With the Caribbean Sea as the background, the wedding took place right here at sunset.

Just WOW – the simple but elegantly decorated ceremony. Everything is ready for THE moment.

Our bridesmaids and the bride are already preparing.

Last, very intimate moments before the time comes.

Our Dominican Expert Wedding Planner Laura presents the radiant bride with her individually designed bridal bouquet.

Pink, green and white – designed according to the bride’s wishes by our professional florists.

The groom and his friends are ready too, ceremony is  to start soon.

All guests have already taken their seats and are waiting for the bride and groom.

Perfect – at exactly the right moment, the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea and gives you goose bumps.

A very special highlight awaits the guests at cocktail reception after the ceremony!

And the ambience is also harmonious, the table is set for dinner later.

Even the bride and groom will not miss the opportunity to pose with our special guest.

After ceremony and dinner, the first dance as a husband and wife follows.

A large dance floor and a stage with the most modern light and sound technology turns night into day.

A lively atmosphere lets the wedding end late at night. Everything was perfect!

Are you also dreaming of a destination
wedding in the Dominican Republic?