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Appetizers – Hors d’oeuvres

Mini sandwiches

Angus roastbeef, whole grain mustard and garden radish
Turkey breast, tomato mayonnaise and zucchini
Ham and cheese
Home smoked salmon, sour cream and cucumber
Gouda cheese and leek mayonnaise
Cream cheese and chive
Ham and cheese croissant
Cream cheese mini croissant

Mini wraps

Chicken breast
Fresh tuna
Blue cheese and walnuts
Tomato and buffalo mozzarella
Mediterranean vegetables


Angus roastbeef, quail egg and walnut
Serrano ham, dried tomato pesto and olive
Spiny lobster and dried tomato mayonnaise
Home smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar
Grilled fresh tuna, rocked and lime cream
Salmon tartare and sour cream
Brie cheese, caramelized apple and sprout
Grilled vegetable, tomato jelly and pesto
Smoked salmon and avocado casabe


Camembert cheese
White truffle oil and chive

Mini empanadas (stuffed pastry)

Minced beef

Puff pastry cushions

Minced beef
Beef tenderloin, Parmesan cheese and red pepper
Ricotta and spinach

Mini pizzas

Ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce
Vegetables, mozzarella and tomato sauce

Mini quiches

Ham and cheese
Three cheeses
Leek and Gruyère cheese
Fresh mushrooms

Mini crepes

Roast beef and Parmesan cheese
Serrano ham, tomato and rocket
Ham and cheese
Gouda cheese and spinach


Foie gras and apple
Chicken breast and corn
Wild caught Sánchez shrimp, plantain and tandoori
Home smoked fish and star anise jelly
Potato, truffle and leek
Mediterranean vegetables


Wild caught Sánchez shrimp and nori
Tuna and mango
Salmon and cucumber
Carrot and papaya


Beef tenderloin and tomato chutney
Panko crusted pork tenderloin with rosemary and sour cream
Chicken breast and mango chutney
Breaded chicken breast
Curry sausage
Wild caught Sánchez shrimp and wasabi espuma
Sweet pepper, fresh mushrooms and zucchini with pesto

Various meat appetizers

Foie gras macaron
Foie gras and apple cube
Meat balls with sweet pepper and brick dough
Minced beef, cheese, tomato and corn mini burrito
Ham and cheese involtini (roll)
Mini hamburger with home made sesame bun
Spicy roastbeef salad with yellow pepper and chive
Braised goat wonton
Smoked duck breast with cranberries and apple
Braised rabbit ravioli with herb cream
Mini mofongo with pork rind topping

Various fish and seafood appetizers

Wild caught Sánchez shrimp tempura with sweet and sour sauce
Salmon cube with herbs, apple jelly and cucumber
Tuna tartare with passion fruit
Home smoked salmon, chive and sour cream roll
Mahi mahi ceviche with mango

Various cheese and vegetable appetizers

Caramelized goat cheese delicacy
Fresh cheese praline with chive
Cream cheese and herb stuffed profiterol
Fried risotto and cheese ball
Crunchy fresh mushroom praline
Mediterranean vegetable delicacy with tomato jelly
Yucca and anise arepita
Tomato and mozzarella bruschetta
Vegetable spring roll

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Sit down menus

Prepared and plated on site by our executive chef

Menu 1

Sliced “mi-cuit” tuna fillet, rocket apple salad, wasabi cream
Mahi-mahi fillet, elder flower cream sauce, parisienne potatoes, cucumber with ginger
Mango ravioli, caramel sauce, almond cracker

Menu 2

Marinated goat cheese, pineapple chutney, peanut cracker, rocket salad
Wild caught Sánchez shrimp, soy cream sauce, corn tartlets, Asian vegetables
Crème brûlée with fruit

Menu 3

White tomato mousse, basil brioche, tomato carpaccio
Angus rib-eye steak, red wine sauce, home made tagliatelle, zucchini
Financier (almond cake), pineapple in “extra viejo” rum marinade, raspberry espuma

Menu 4

Rosemary focaccia with serrano ham, blackberry dressing, cherry tomatoes
Pork tenderloin, truffle cream sauce, home made gnocchi, leek
Chocolate fondant, champagne mousse, mango sauce

Menu 5

Andalusian gazpacho with spiny lobster
Beef tenderloin, rosemary sauce, au gratin potatoes, spinach
White chocolate mousse, passion fruit marmelade, pistachio waffle

Menu 6

Fresh wild caught Sánchez shrimp, ponzu mayonnaise, pineapple, shrimp mousse
Grilled tuna fillet, basil cream sauce, ricotta ravioli, tomato compote
Chocolate cake, mascarpone cream, strawberries, cacao chip

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Buffet options


Lettuce with balsamic dressing
Lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad
Tomato salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and basil
Corn salad with curry and parsley
Carrot salad with orange
Cabbage salad with raisins
Rocket salad with balsamic dressing
Mixed salad with French or balsamic dressing
Cesar salad with original Parmesan cheese dressing
Caprese salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction
Nicoise salad with tomato vinaigrette
Greek salad with olive vinaigrette
Farmer salad with chicken
Potato salad with chive
Pasta salad with vegetables
Couscous salad
Celery salad with walnuts
Steamed vegetable salad
Lettuce with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and sautéed mushrooms


Vegetable soup
Seafood soup


Chicken breast in thyme marinade
Chicken breast cordon bleu
Spinach stuffed chicken involtini
Chicken breast strips in chive cream sauce
Roast chicken
Turkey thighs stuffed with tomatoes, herbs and nuts
Grilled beef tenderloin
Angus rib-eye steak
Beef Stroganoff
Beef meatballs with tomato sauce
Chili con carne
Ropa vieja (stewed beef with vegetables)
Roast pork leg
Saddle of pork with rosemary
Roast rack of lamb

Fish and Seafood

Mahi-mahi filet with cashews
Mahi-mahi with Creole sauce
Grilled tuna filet
Grilled salmon filet
Crab cake with parsley and tomato
Shrimp on lemon grass skewer
Lobster tail with basil oil


White wine cream sauce
Red wine sauce
Tomato sauce
French Meaux mustard sauce
Green pepper sauce
Creamy mushroom sauce
Elder flower cream sauce
Herbed cream sauce
Lime cream sauce

Cocktail sauce
Sour cream sauce with chive
Garlic mayonnaise
Curry mayonnaise


White rice
White rice with parsley
Rice with vegetables
Rice with bacon
Yellow rice with peas
Rice with black beans
Rice with chicken breast and herbs
Mushroom risotto
Saffron risotto
Champagne risotto with shrimp


Au gratin potatoes with Parmesan cheese
Sautéed potato cubes with rosemary
Potato cubes with bacon cream
Potato croquettes
Duchess potatoes
Parisienne potatoes
Baked potatoes with sour cream

Homemade pasta

Tagliatelle with white wine cream sauce
Ricotta cannelloni with tomato sauce
Linguini with lime cream sauce
Meat lasagne
Vegetable lasagne
Salmon lasagne
Gnocchi with blue cheese cream sauce
Pappardelle with smoked salmon and herbed cream sauce


Potato and meat
Plantain and cheese
Eggplant and plantain


Broccoli with almond butter
Grilled vegetables
Olive oil glazed vegetables
Asian vegetable julienne
Eggplant and tomato compote
Glazed green beans
Green beans wrapped in bacon


Sliced homemade bread and two bread rolls per person, salt and olive oil
Bread roll selection

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Buffet suggestions for wedding receptions

Suggestion 1

Tomato salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and basil
Cesar salad with original Parmesan cheese dressing
Spinach stuffed chicken involtini
Mahi-mahi filet with cashews
Lime cream sauce
Duchess potatoes
Mushroom risotto
Homemade pappardelle
Olive oil glazed vegetables
Bread roll selection
Three chocolate delicacy
Baileys macaron
Passion fruit tartlet

Suggestion 2

Rocket salad with balsamic dressing
Greek salad with olive vinaigrette
Angus rib-eye steak
Red wine sauce
Grilled tuna filet
White wine cream sauce
Sautéed potato cubes with rosemary
Wild rice with nuts, almonds and raisins
Bread roll selection
Strawberry delicacy with chocolate sponge
Pistachio macaron
Dark chocolate truffle with rum

Suggestion 3

Couscous salad
Caprese salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction
Grilled beef tenderloin
Green pepper sauce
Shrimp on lemon grass skewer
Elder flower cream sauce
Champagne risotto
Au gratin potatoes with Parmesan cheese
Asian vegetable julienne
Bread roll selection
Passion fruit cheesecake
Raspberry macaron

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Breakfast options

Homemade bread

White roll
Walnut roll
Sesame seed roll
Sunflower seed roll
Poppy seed roll
Chocolate bread (pain au chocolat)
Apple turnover
French toast with fruit compote
Pancake with fruit compote
Waffle with fruit compote
Marble cake
Lime cake
Vanilla muffin
Chocolate muffin
Blueberry muffin
Carrot muffin
Mini churro (a fried-dough pastry)

Bread supplements

Homemade jam

Egg dishes with sides to choose from

(three sides per dish)
Fried egg without sides
Fried egg with sides
Scrambled eggs
Natural omelet
Natural tortilla
Red bell pepper
Oven-cooked tomatoes
Fresh mushrooms

Egg dishes

Mediterranean vegetable omelet
Spiny lobster omelet with caviar
Spanish tortilla
Chorizo and parsley tortilla
Shrimp and spinach tortilla

Cheese, cold cuts and salmon platters

Cheese platter (Emmental, Gouda, Camembert, fresh goat cheese)
with fig mustard
Local cheese platter
Cream cheese with strawberry jam
Cold cuts platter (salami, York ham, coppa)
Local cold cuts platter
Genoa salami platter
Serrano ham platter with dried tomatoes and olives
Smoked salmon platter with mustard and honey sauce
Spinach dip
Chive dip


Breakfast sausages
Grilled sausage with hot mustard
Nuremberg sausage with Dijon mustard
Vienna sausage with sweet mustard

Dominican dishes

Crispy fried ham
Pan-fried cheese
Mangú (made of boiled green plantains)
Yucca with red onions

Yogurt and cereals

Natural yogurt
Vanilla yogurt
Mango yogurt
Pineapple yogurt
Passion fruit yogurt

Strawberry yogurt
Raspberry yogurt
Whole-grain cornflakes
Chocolate cereal mix
Dried fruit cereal mix


Fruit platter
Fruit skewer with orange reduction
Fresh fruit salad
Cream cheese and walnut stuffed dates

Sweet appetizers and desserts

Mini desserts

Three chocolate delicacy
Passion fruit delicacy
Strawberry delicacy with chocolate cookie
Chocolate mousse crisp
Passion fruit cheesecake
Dulce de leche and cacao delicacy
Coconut delicacy with chocolate crispies
Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce
Baileys macaron
Pistachio macaron

Raspberry macaron
Coconut macaron
Dark chocolate truffle with rum
Milk chocolate truffle with Amaretto
White chocolate truffle with coconut liqueur
Strawberry tartlet
Passion fruit tartlet
Lime tartlet
Dulce de leche popcake
Lime popcake
Coconut popcake

Small palm tree (palmier)
Glazed cookie
Vanilla cookie
Oat and cinnamon cookie
Chocolate chip cookie
Mini churro
Apple turnover
Dulce de leche sandwich cookie
Polvorón (soft and very crumbly Spanish shortbread)
Small meringue


Three chocolate delicacy with raspberry sauce
Milk chocolate and passion fruit delicacy
White chocolate and coconut delicacy
Lime meringue tartlet
Tres leches cake

Vanilla flan
Bread pudding with raisins
Vanilla muffin
Chocolate muffin

Carrot and walnut muffin
Strawberry and Baileys cupcake
Lime and cranberries cupcake
White chocolate and coconut cupcake