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    Why we love this accommodation: a sustainable eco lodge in the lush mountains of the Dominican Republic's north coast with spectacular ocean views

    This eco lodge is a truly special accommodation with a sustainable philosophy in the mountains of the Northern Mountain Range, offering 10 Robinson Crusoe style rooms and marvellous views of the ocean of the Dominican Republic's north coast. This eco lodge, which is owned and operated by the Canadian honorary consul, has a unique atmosphere which is especially suitable for nature lovers and travellers who are seeking an authentically Dominican experience. Highlights are the omnipresent ocean view, which guests even can enjoy while taking a shower, and the common panorama terrace, where meals are served for all guests and where the staff is happy to talk about the daily life in the Dominican Republic or about what the north coast has to offer, all while sipping a rum, trying a local cigar or during the tasty local dinners which are served family style. You can also learn about the sustainability of the eco lodge, such as the recycling and sewage system, the locally grown products or the service staff who are mostly all from the nearby village. Also the guides are local inhabitants, with whom the guests can explore hidden treasures such as the coffee plantations in the nearby area, the ambar mines or the secluded waterfalls “Charcos del Militar”, an amazing natural sight in the Northern Mountain Range. Furthermore the eco lodge is one of the few easily accessible places where you can go bird watching with the help of a knowledgeable English-speaking guide Those who are interested in eco-tourism in the Dominican Republic definitely should pay this lodge a visit and enjoy a couple of nights in this unique accommodation. Due to the remote location, Dominican Expert absolutely recommends to hire a rental car, which we are happy to book for you.

    The eco lodge is located in the hills of the Northern Mountain Range, approximately 20 kilometers south of Puerto Plata city, beaches and the Gregorio Luperon International Airport. A small corner store with the basic items (drinks and snacks) is available in walking distance, for all other facilities such as restaurants or supermarkets a rental car is absolutely necessary.

    The eco lodge features 10 Robinson Crusoe style bedrooms with a very natural ambience. Electricity, WiFi and hot water are available.
    Economy Room “Longhouse Double”: very basic rooms, with 2 single beds or 1 queen-size-bed with mosquito net, common bathroom with open-air shower. Rooms don’t offer full privacy as they have partial canvas walls which open to a full ocean view; maximum occupancy: 2 persons
    Economy Room “Longhouse Quad”: very basic rooms, with 4 single beds or 2 queen-size beds with mosquito nets, ocean view, common bathroom with open-air shower; maximum occupancy: 4 persons
    Palapa: private accommodation unit with an open design and duplex style, with 1 queen-size bed and 2 single beds with mosquito nets, curtains on the windows help for privacy if closed and offer a spectacular ocean view if opened, common bathroom with open-air shower; maximum occupancy: 4 persons
    Casita: private duplex-style bungalow with private bathroom, lounge area with sofa and private terrace, 1 queen-size bed and 2 single futon beds with mosquito nets, the most spacious units on the property; maximum occupancy: 4 persons

    Common terrace with ocean view, tropical garden

    Excursions, meal service

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    From: Till: Adults: Children: 1. Child age: 2. Child age: 3. Child age: 4. Child age:
    • Room Economy Room "Long House"Room Only02.10.2023 - 09.10.2023
      Service is not available in chosen period.
    • Room PalapaRoom Only02.10.2023 - 09.10.2023
      Service is not available in chosen period.
    • Room CasitaRoom Only02.10.2023 - 09.10.2023
      Service is not available in chosen period.
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    Per night (hotel) Min. persons Min stay 01.01. - 01.01.
    1. Room Economy Room "Long House"
    Room Only
    1 1 34.00
    2 1 68.01
    3 1 95.21
    4 1 129.20
    2. Room Palapa
    Room Only
    1 1 102.00
    2 1 122.41
    3 1 149.61
    4 1 176.81
    3. Room Casita
    Room Only
    1 1 149.61
    2 1 163.20
    3 1 190.40
    4 1 217.60


    Per person Min stay 01.01. - 01.01.
    Birdwatching Hike 1 32.00
    Per person per night Min stay 01.01. - 01.01.
    Lunch (adult 12+) 1 16.00
    Dinner (adult 12+) 1 28.00
    Breakfast (adult, 12+) 1 12.00
    Breakfast (child, 4-11.99 years) 1 6.00
    Breakfast (children, 0-3,99 years) 1
    Lunch (child 4-11.99 years) 1 8.00
    Lunch (child 0-3.99 years) 1
    Dinner (child 4-11.99 years) 1 14.00
    Dinner (child 0-3.99 years) 1
    Full-board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) for adults 1 40.00
    Full-board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) for children (4-11.99 years) 1 20.00
    Full-board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) for children (0-3.99 years) 1
    Per person Min stay 01.01. - 01.01.
    Excursion to Gods Swimming Pool 1 32.00
    Village Walk 1 32.00
    Excursion "Coffee village and Ambar mines" excl. transportation 1 48.00


    Per night (hotel) 01.01. - 01.01.
    Price for children (0-14,99 years)
    Price for children (15-17,99 years) 13.60

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